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HtmlHelp.lib (OMF)

The HTML Help application programming interface (API) enables a Windows program to create a help window that displays a help topic. The functionality provided by the HTML Help API resides in the HTML Help ActiveX control (hhctrl.ocx). To gain access to the HTML Help API, you link to the HtmlHelp.lib file and include the HtmlHelp.inc file in your Windows program.

HtmlHelp.lib is a static OMF library that exposes the HTML Help API and loads the HTML Help ActiveX control, only when the HtmlHelp function is called. In addition, if there are several instances of the HTML Help ActiveX control installed, the library locates the registered instance only.

Type Static Library (OMF format)
Status Freeware. Source code is included
Operating System Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
File Name htmlhelp.zip
File Size 22606 bytes
Last Modified December 23, 2013
Installation Program Not required. Just copy HtmlHelp.lib to your TASM\LIB folder and HtmlHelp.inc to your TASM\INCLUDE folder.
Special Requirements Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 3.xx: You should set up either DCOM 1.2 for Microsoft Windows® 95 or Internet Explorer 4.xx


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